Fun Cat Facts

CATS  by Eleanor Farjean (1881-1965)

     "Cats sleep


       any table, 

       any chair.

       Top of piano, 


        in the middle, 

        on the edge..." 


          FUN CAT FACTS



  • Cats have powerful night vision.
  • Cats also have excellent hearing and a great sense of smell.
  • On average, cats live around 12-15 years.
  • Domestic cats usually weigh from 8-11 pounds.
  • Cats sleep an average of 13-14 hours a day.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder.
  • A male cat is called a tom.
  • A female cat is called a molly or queen.
  • .....more coming....


The Language of Cat: Poem by Rachel Rooney

    Teach me the Language of Cat;

     the slow-motion blink, that crystal stare,

     a tight-lipped purr and a wide-mouthed hiss. 

     Let me walk with a saunter, nose in the air. 


     Teach my ears the way to ignore

     names that I'm called. May they only twitch 

     to the distant shake of a boxful of biscuits, 

     the clink of a fork on a china dish. 


     Teach me that vanishing trick 

     where dents in cushions appear, and I'm missed. 

     Show me the high-wire trip along fences 

     to hideaway places, that no-one but me knows exist. 


     Don't teach me Dog, 

     all eager to please, that slobbers, yaps and begs for a pat, 

     that sits when told by its own, that's led on a lead. 

     No, not that. Teach me the language of Cat.