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Nettie's Dream Is Released!!!

 Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Also at Taylor and Seale Publishing,, and [email protected] 


When Nettie McPherson had a child at seventeen, her mother whisked her off to another state and the baby was adopted. Now, Nettie, a sixty-year-old widow, has returned to her hometown in Maine where she buys a lobster boat and becomes a tour boat captain. Her constant companion is Bo, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever she rescued from the local shelter. Nettie's delighted to be back in New England near her childhood friend, Vi. But Nettie has never revealed her secret, not even to her best friend.

After receiving a letter from an out-of-state lawyer whose client is someone from Nettie's past, she is determined to follow through and to locate the daughter she gave up forty-three years ago.

But how will she reveal this long-held secret to Vi... or to Cole, a land developer who arrives in Lobster Bay and captures Nettie's heart?

 ISBN: 978-1-943789-27-6

Publisher: Taylor and Seale Publishing